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Bag Making Machine Project Feasibility Study Report

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Bag making machine production and construction projects are XX Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. plans in XX City XX, XX industrial park proposed (new) project, the bag-making machine project covers an area of ​​73,337.0 square meters (about 110.0 acres)expected total investment of about 150 million yuan, including: fixed assets investment of about 131 million yuan, 19 million yuan of liquidity projects outline the expected annual income of about 520 million yuan.

This report mainly from the background of industry market, the supply of resources, the scale of construction, process route, selection of equipment, human resources, environmental protection, financing, financial gains the ability full demonstration and feasibility studies, from the technical, economic, engineering in areas such as research and analysis and comparison, to predict and may be made ​​after the completion of the project economic, ecological and social benefits, and thus the bag making machine project is worth the investment, and how to carry out the construction of the advisory opinion, the decision-making for the project provide the basis for a comprehensive system analysis report.

This report in accordance with the principles of scientific, objective, according to the "Guidance Catalogue (2011), industrial restructuring, construction project economic evaluation methods and parameters (third edition)", "construction project economic evaluation of Association (2010)," and the requirements of the "construction project feasibility study report content depth provisions carefully compiled.

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