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Stable operation at high speed bag making machine

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1 overall appearance of smooth
Closure welding fastness appropriate to select the appropriate temperature range (according to the performance of products, raw materials and packaging uses)
3 size requirements and error range (including product and seal welded size)
Pattern Fold around how to fold
Other requirements for closure welding position to tear mouth, round hole, holes, hand hole location appearance of the product is no pull marks opening and smooth without wrinkles.
Special attention must be in accordance with the requirements of the products customers on product quality as a production standard customers disadvantages of the requirements put forward reasonable proposals
-Conditioners must be part of the local computer, bottom seal, side seal, discharge section; pressure  pressure hot knife roller, put the material tension thephotoelectric sensitivity
Discharge drag material remained stable discharge material pendulum roller can not be too high or too low  drag material can not be too loose or too tight. These conditions will result in material generated during operation radial jitter lead before and after discharge the material color photoelectric eye tracking are not allowed while the length of the bag will also cause errors  the bag length stretch  need to be clean of the K-Frame Before and after the size of the discharge pressure roller pressure adjustment.
2, the temperature setting suitable for high temperature will make the product folds affect photoelectric tracking result in bags of varying lengths  initially can increase the photoelectric sensitivity  until the temperature stable and then reduce the sensitivity so as not to track failed. Select the appropriate temperature according to different products (material properties, thickness, and packaging products). The pressure of the hot knife gap should generally be about 1.5 mm  especially in high-speed operation of the hot knife gap can not be too large otherwise it will affect the drag material stability. If the seal weld width large gap case, the only solution is to reduce the proportion of the computer inside the feed can not be reduced or pull the material faster. This is not the bag length is longer times to send the bag length to reach set bag length is a very effective method.
3, the adjustment of product operation adjustment in the middle of the pressure roller pressure roller balance of the left and right gap timely removal of garbage and dirt and residue on the rubber roller edge material to ensure that the gap around the entire pressure roller. This can be avoided because the the Cots pressure regulator is not in place, and the long-term cause uneven wear of the rubber roller swing instability cause drag material.
4 material in the abnormal sound is generated during the operation, first need to exclude the mechanical part of the problem it would need to observe whether the accelerated in the acceleration after the sound produced will appear in: the low hot knife or hot cloth rolled too loose with plastic clay the tension between the two rubber rollers pull feed speed is set at a low small discharge tension is too big to pull material phenomenon of motor speed settings improperly can cause the motor load and the speed of the host does not match the two plastic rollers between the tension is too small material will be stretched too tight also will increase the motor load inertia will bring the sound of the start and stop time.
5 height remains the the pressure balanced bottom seal hot knife around in the same straight line, so that the materials are not allowed to have ups and downs in the same horizontal line after hot knife under hot knife height consistent multiple hot knife edge sealing pressure on both sides to maintain equal , multiple under hot knife edge sealing height to maintain the same height will cause the material of the left and right swing and seal weld width varies a great impact on the flatness of the bag.
6 of the material during operation of the exhaust the exhaust gas is not the net material has a residual air will cause the bag overall deformation affect the normal operation of the material will have a certain sound. The need for proper compression processing related batten. Hot cloth not with material edge sealing, hot knife each other causing adhesions additional resistance.
Run the length of the relationship of tension (pressure roller, discharge pendulum roller) and photoelectric tracking accuracy and pressure roller, great contact due to the tension is too large or smaller will will cause the length of the bag suddenly discharge pendulum roller tension long suddenly short different phenomenon. Machine running at high speed when the photoelectric sensitivity requirements need to be increase or decrease depending on the circumstances. If you need to consider the error caused by the temperature and tension floating pole compensation length for this adjustment is invalid. Length change is caused by the last procedure. Typically machines running at high speed when the need to the photoelectric sensitivity focus transfer large is to make it relatively vague some do not, downtime tracking extraordinary lost. The double tracking observe before or after photoelectric photoelectric tracking fails before photoelectric instability only affects the bag cutter position, the closure welding position and the length of the bag is not accurate. After photoelectric lost only affect the bag edge sealing position, plug the end of round hole position change. Which part of the problems that some related pressure roller pressure, tension and photoelectric be adjusted accordingly.
The 8 temperature photoelectric generated hot knife temperature in the case of non-movement work when the machine re-boot the temperature will be too high welding seal deformation bag the retractable bag with photoelectric distance change tracking will naturally result in failure or extraordinary failure problems. Serious cases can cause the material to a glass transition temperature the  plastic mud to hot knife hot cloth cause pollution affecting the operation and quality.
9 speed and tension relationship: the machine running at high speed to overcome the relatively large external resistance and the discharge of tension in smooth drag material may be appropriate to increase the to discharge tension to ensure the stability of the photoelectric. Less tension occurs material back and forth during operation of jitter and about drift phenomenon appears. Cots tension is the size of the rubber roller pressure its size can directly affect the electro-optical tracking accuracy compensation floating roller tension appropriate can reduce the stability of the error of the length of the bag and seal welding position

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