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FAQs bag making machine

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Q: over the intermediate rubber roller bag wrinkle?

A: 1. Dorsal closure cooling effect is not good;

Intermediate rubber roller pressure is uneven;

3. Pressure is too large;

4 intermediate rubber roller on excessive dust;

Dorsal closure temperature is too high;

6 Used bag making machine floating roller feeding air pressure is too large;

7 diaphragm installed tilt;

Second, ask: the former cutter plastic roll at the membrane in one direction?

A: 1. Cots uneven pressure along the film go to the direction of pressure;

2 photoelectric frame tilted to maintain the level in the former rubber roller; (photoelectric frame forward lift the film goes out, optical frame back lift film to walk)

Punch knife is not installed, easy to tilt;

The uneven thickness of the film on both sides;

The cross sealing knife uneven pressure, there are large to go that way;

Film board oblique;

7 intermediate rubber roller is not parallel;

Q: at the small diaphragm on film?

A: 1 white roller installation not exceed the template, it is best to narrow 8mm;

2 small hammer pressure;

3 the upper membrane Hammers outward tilt pressure;

Film board oblique;

Rubber roller at the pressure can not be too large;

Discharge tension is too easy on the film;

The tension of the film roll is bad;

Q: long time out of the bag when short?

A: 1 the photoelectric head of dusty;

Photoelectric sensitivity is not enough;

3 track electricity is not obvious;

The sealing knife pressure is too large;

Glue stick on the dirt;

6 second-hand and machine feed the floating roller pressure is too large;

Discharge tension is too large;

8 vertical seal tight the knife hot cloth volume;

Cross sealing blade temperature bags wrinkled;

Before 10. Cots at atmospheric pressure is small;

11. Feeding and under pressure is not synchronized;

12. Photoelectric cutter distance is too long;

13. Wait the sealing time difference is too large;

14 speed excessively high;

V. Q: former Cutter oblique?

A: 1. Membrane walk the ramp;

2 oriented comb is missing or is not straight;

3. The knife fight oblique;

4 knife hit the vertices;

5 bag should play portable hole tail-first-out;

Diagonal of the bag is not the same length;

6, Q: cutter at the plug material?

A: 1. Guide comb far away from the cutter;

2. Cutter adjustment is too low;

The 3 bag wrinkled or Alice is uneven;

Feeding fast;

5. Oriented to comb straight or lack;

6. The lower knife install on the upper;

7. Playing portable hole bags, can not be portable hole head-first-out, first-out should tail;

Q: dorsal closure with bubbles?

A: 1. Backplane dirty;

Sealing knife uneven pressure or the four corners of the uneven pressure;

3. Backplane off-center;

4. Backplane silicone rubber can not be too broad;

Sealing knife did not install labor;

6 the sealing knife pressure and high temperature;

Gui rubber is uneven or aging;

8 bubbles can be hot cloth in the floor mat or seal the knife less inclined or coincidence operation;

Eight, asked: the back seal heat sealing at the crease?

A: 1. Tension is not good, the film side loose side tight;

2 cooling knife the sealing knife pressure imbalance;

Sealing knife pressure imbalance;

4 hot cloth folds;

5 Cots the template pull oblique;

Nine: Q: fake seal?

A: through the connector, the connector screen misaligned side loose side tight;

2 through the connector joints bilayer thick the small shovel capsule lead and moving;

3 after template small shovel at the cuffs or curling;

After photoelectric ran;

5. Tension bad side loose side tight;

6. Pressure side of a small shovel can not be too far away from the sealing knife;

7. Composite less than side, single-layer edges curl;

10, Q: dorsal closure transparent slatted side?

A: 1. Minute honestly biased;

2. Outside too large;

3 after tension on the film;

After wide template or template at on film, causing the former the template does on film;

5 dorsal closure sealing knife the pressure on the outside;

11, asked: bags often appear within the outside?

A: 1. Photoelectric tracking after insensitive;

Raw materials tension is not good;

Discharge uneven;

4 on the amount of the film is uneven;

After white roller not installed really tight, side to side;

6. Chuancuo film roll; (black shaft die axis)

After discharge tension is too large;

Membrane surface is smooth;

12, asked: given the long photoelectric not keep up?

A: 1 screen through the connector out of alignment or joint printing surface for too long;

2. Bags tensile;

3 wrong polarity;

4 the photoelectric head insensitivity or photovoltaic head excessive dust;

5 Set the length of the bag, and the actual length of the bag does not match;

6. Tracking point is not obvious or can not find a trace point;

7 bags too wrinkled;

13, Q: within the fold at two pincher?

A: 1. Stereo installation and long template is not a line;

2 dimensional board showings are not aligned;

3 small template than large diaphragm narrow too much;

4 large diaphragm and small template is not a line;

14, Q: require airtight bag leak?

A: 1. Temperature and low pressure;

PET cleaning equipment in the middle of the pad hot cloth deviation;

3 Membrane uneven;

Sealing knife do not coincide;

5 speed is too high;

Silastic broken;

7. Silicone rubber hardness should reach 75%;

XV Q: Corrective too long?

A: The film roll is not installed to reel in the middle position or not inflatable deviation;

Film roll string volume;

Photoelectric head dust or insensitive;

Off film or no film;

Track position is inappropriate;

6. Photoelectric head light position is too high or too low, too far away or too close;

7. Corrective justice on the polarity setting error;

16, Q: seal bag surrounded by what reason caused?

A: The high-speed, large errors unstable length, sealing knife do not coincide;

After joint tensile;

3. Sealing knife the oblique or cutter oblique;

Downtime, heat sealing sword bag containing mouth;

Sealing knife not fixed tight, move back and forth;

Note: Sealing shift photoelectric law forward optoelectronic knife fight before, knife backward photoelectric playing;

17: Q: the bag too wrinkled uneven?

A: 1. Temperature high pressure;

2. Barometric pressure and tension;

3 Membrane uneven;

4 cooled knife ineffective;

The sealing time is long, long waiting times.

18, Q: frequent temperature instability?

A: 1. Other wire walk interference temperature;

Computer motherboard problems;

Check thermocouple for loose and fall off;

4 established whether the temperature corresponding to the set to seal knife;

Sealing knife installed are tight;

Wire presence squeeze off charred and loose;

7 electric cabinet switch is turned on;

Note: temperature instability in the channel number at the press out of the number of unstable sealing knife the Yasuhara digital re-set once;

19, asked: the devices appear bullpup valve signal?

A: 1. Abnormal main motor signal;

2 semaphores head too much dust stains;

3 light frame to skew or loose;

Twenty, asked: the devices appear lower limit in advance?

A: 1. Sealing knife falling too low, should be adjusted to the height of the sealing knife;

2 main motor lights fixed screw loose;

3. Feeding under pressure does not appear synchronization; (adjusted semi-circular piece of motor traffic light)

Necessary to adjust the acceleration and deceleration time; (parameters)

21, Q: X position deviation is too large?

A: 1. The intermediate servo motors overcurrent, fever; (motor cooling)

2. Reduce the intermediate pressure and after dancer pressure; (reducing the drag forces)

Hot knife is too low, the motor overcurrent; (adjust the height of the hot knife)

Twenty-two Q: colorless standard signal?

A: 1. Adjust the sensitivity of the photoelectric;

The former drag material Cots pressure can not be too small, generally less than 0.3;

3 the photoelectric head of dust and dirt too much, you need to clean up;

4. Sealing knife cooling to the whereabouts of the low; (adjust the knife away from)

Set the bag longer than the actual length of the bag does not match; (modified bag length parameter)

6 color area often too small; (not less than 1 mm, not more than 3mm)

Polarity setting error; (change polarity)

, Asked: blade cutting edge material is not straight?

A: The high temperature hot technology;

2 blade under the edge material is too steep;

3. Pull to the side edge feeder material pulled tight;

Cots uneven thickness or too dirty;

Q: twenty-four side sealing bag upturned and concave those causes?

A: The raw material tension is not good cause;

2 longitudinal pressure sealing knife is too big or too small cause;

3. Backplane spacing is too small or too large;

Temperature is too high;

Vertical sealing knife inappropriate level of plywood;

6 after discharge floating roller air pressure is too large or too small;

XXV, Q: the wide sealing knife bubbles?

A: 1. The Silastic dirty, sealing knife dirty;

Change of the position of the sealing blade swap the direction of the sealing knife, and interchanged;

3. Force area width before sealing knife;

4. Use of silicone rubber too long and need to be replaced;

5 wide sealing knife to the first film by hot plate;

Sealing knife securely installed;

Q: XXVI, dorsal closure over the intermediate rubber roller bag inframammary?

A: 1, back sealed cooling is not good;

2, the middle of the rubber roller pressure is uneven;

3, the air pressure is too large;

Cots dust is too large;

5, dorsal closure temperature is too high;

6, floating roller feed air pressure is too large, template install oblique;

17, asked: partial the former cutter rubber roller at the film to the side?

A: 1, rubber roller pressure uneven side pressure, the film go to the other side;

2, photoelectric frame ramp, front lift film to walk out, after lifting the film to go inside;

Punch knife upturned, not press fitted tight;

4, the thickness of the film on both sides are not the same;

5, transverse sealing knife pressure, uneven, which side pressure membranes way to turn;

6 template installation oblique;

7, the intermediate rubber roller has problems, unbalance, or coefficient of friction is too large;

18, asked: small the template on film at on film?

A: white roller installed templates, both sides should not exceed the narrow 8mm for the best;

2 small template at the feed roller pressure uneven, adjust the pressure of the two (loose or tight, the amount of each adjustment is smaller);

3 white roller shedding off;

The 4 small template installation oblique, which side are not on the film, the template should be where it is supposed oblique;

5, adjusting the position and angle of the film on the Vinyl roller;

6, to increase pressure on film Cots;

7, after the discharge of the tension is too large;

8, the tension of the film is not the same;

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