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Operational situation and development prospects

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Bag making machine is to make all kinds of plastic bags or other material bags machine processing of various sizes and thickness with different sizes of plastic bags or other material, in general as the main products in plastic bags.
Bag making machine is a plastic machinery and equipment, and its application related to the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, and many other national economy and major industries, meet our food supply of materials behind a huge bag making machine packaging bag making machine market. China Bag Making Machine Bag Making Machine Industry Association survey report shows that China's food packaging bag making machine industry in 2010 reached 130 billion yuan, the total industrial value and market demand to reach 200 billion yuan. Bag making machine as one of the flexible packaging equipment, has huge market potential and good hair exhibition space.
    It is understood that China bag making machine from research and development, application development so far, only 20 years of history, it is the introduction of foreign equipment, through the digestion and absorption from the initial production of only 400 mm wide, the speed is only 20 meters per minute bag making machine equipment, has production speed of 150 meters per minute, following the guidance of a width of 1000 mm and various per minute automatic bag making machine, more than 100 segments and the effect that equipment provided for the development of the domestic flexible packaging industry.
    At present, the production of flexible packaging equipment in China have the industry scale, the formation of eastern Guangdong Province, Guangdong, Jiangsu Wuxi District, Wenzhou, Zhejiang Haining, Xi'an region, and several other large-scale flexible packaging equipment production base. The bag production enterprises in China in the past to produce a narrow range of automatic bag making machine mainly the foreign equipment mostly imported from Japan. Recent years, with the increase in demand is a lot of imported equipment of the introduction of a large number of Japanese and other places. This means that there is a larger gap with foreign advanced countries.
    Therefore, during the second five domestic flexible packaging equipment manufacturing industry to improve the level of high-tech and equipment requirements, focusing on efficient, high-speed, precision, advanced equipment developed automated technology proposed new requirements aimed at narrowing the The gap between domestic and foreign technology, the flexible packaging equipment power to a flexible packaging equipment power forward.
    The 2012-2016 operational situation and development prospects of the bag making machine market forecast report released by the China Industry Research Report Network XII. Bag making machine products industry market situation, the development environment, the situation of the global market, competition investigation, survey of regional competition, enterprise competition investigation to conduct a comprehensive and detailed research on the basis of product competitiveness of key enterprises and bag making machine products industry strategies and developments, in-depth analysis, the other for judgment of bag making machine products industry's future market trends, and aims to provide investors with a high value of the decision-making reference.
    This study reports data using the National Statistics, the General Administration of Customs, the survey data, the Commerce Department collected data database. Macroeconomic data from the National Bureau of Statistics, some industry statistics from the National Bureau of Statistics and market research data, enterprise data from the National Bureau of Statistics of the scale of the statistical database and the Stock Exchange price data from all types of market monitoring database.

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